Things you need to know

Runaway is not a charter boat. It’s a private boat which is happy to welcome people who want to share the experience. Any fees consist a share of the running cost of the boat. Since it’s a pleasure craft, safe sailing is a must, so departure and arrival dates or visited places cannot be guaranteed. It also means that crew members are responsible for their insurances.Crew will find bed linen on board. One toilet is available for every two cabins. Thus, a maximum of 4 people will share a toilet. All the chores will be shared among the crew and that includes the cleaning and cooking.Crew members have to make sure they have all the necessary visas for the countries we are going to visit.In the  event of a crossing involving night sailing, a watches system will be implemented. The whole crew will take part.

Smoking is not allowed on the boat.

A crewing agreement will have to be signed before coming on board.