January – December 2017

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Indonesia, July –

Namrole, South Buru August 2017

South Buru 1

South Buru 8South Buru 4

South Buru 6South Buru 5

South Buru 7South Buru 3

South Buru 2

Banda Island July – August 2017

Banda 1Banda 7

Banda 2

Banda 3Banda 4

Banda 5

Debut, Kei Islands, July 2017

Debut 5

Debut 1Debut 2

Debut 4Debut 3

Thursday Island QLD, July 2017

Thursday Island 1

Horn Island 2

Lizard Island QLD, July 2017

Lizard Island 1Lizard Island 2

Cooktown QLD, July 2017

Cooktown 2

Cooktown 1

Lowe Islets QLD, July 2017

Low Islets 1

Cairns QLD, June 2017

Cairns 1

Cairns 3Cairns 2

Fitzroy Island QLD, June 2017

Fitzroy Island 1

Fitzroy Island 2Fitzroy Island 3

Fitzroy Island 4

Hinchinbrock Island QLD, June 2017

Zoe Bay Hinchinbrook 1Zoe Bay Hinchinbrook 3

Zoe Bay Hinchinbrook 2

Magnetic Island QLD, June 2017

Magnetic Island 1Magnetic Island 2

Magnetic Island 4Magnetic Island 3

Whitsunday Islands QLD, May 2017

On March 28.2017 cyclone Debby devastated the Whitsunday’s with wind up to 260 km/h and heavy rain. When we arrived in the middle of May we could see destruction everywhere, manly above the water ( fallen or trees without leaves and basically all resorts where closed do to damage) but also the water was still very murky and most of the corals in the area are in ruins.

Whitsunday's12Whitsunday's 7

Whitsunday's10Whitsunday's 9

Whitsunday's11Whitsunday's 8

Whitsunday's 1

Whitsunday's 3Whitsunday's 2

Whitsunday's 5Whitsunday's6

Shawfell Island QLD, May 2017

Scawfell Island 2Scawfell Island 1

Middle Percy island QLD, May 2017

Percy Island 1Percy Island 3

Percy Island 2Percy Island 5

Percy Island 4

Great Keppel Island QLD, May 2017

Great Keppel Island 2Great Keppel Island 1

Great Keppel Island 3Great Keppel Island 4

Lady Musgrave Island QLD, April 2017

Lady Musgrave 1

Lady Musgrave 4Lady Musrave 5

Lady Musgrave 2Lady Musgrave 3

Fraser Island QLD, April 2017

Fraser Island 3

Fraser Island 5Fraser Island 4

Fraser Island 1Fraser Island 2

Moolooloba QLD, April 2017

Mooloolaba 1

Moreton Island QLD, April 2017

Morton Island 1Morton Island 2

Brisbane QLD, April 2017

Brisbane 2

Brisbane 1Brisebane 4

Coomera QLD, The Boatworks Marina, March 2017

Boat Works 1Boat Works 2

Bort Works 3Boat Works 4

Southport QLD, March 2017

Southport, Surfers ParadiseSouthport 3

Iluka / Yamba QLD, March 2017

Iluka, Yamba 3Iluka, Yamba 2

Iluka, Yamba 4Iluka, Yamba 5

Iluka, Yamba 6Iluka, Yamba 1

We got stuck in Iluka / Yamba for a few days because of strong wind and big swell

making the bar crossing impossible.

Somewhere on the beach, March 2017


On our way up north we stopped again at Newcastle, Port Stephens, Port Maquarie,Trail Bay and Coffs Harbor.


Pittwater, February 2017





Sydney, Australia January 2017 – February 2017.

Bondi Beach



Australia Day 2017


Rozelle Bay, our anchorage in Sydney.


Sydney Harbour